Funnel Planter by Anchor Ceramics

Funnel Planter by Anchor Ceramics

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The Funnel Planters were originally conceived in terracotta and as a reworking of the ubiquitous terracotta pots and pipes that we all have in our gardens. The Funnel range has since evolved to include two different formats, three sizes and six earthy glaze options. Each glaze finish is the result of countless hours of testing and refinement and is designed to complement both the clean geometric shapes of the planters and colours of the plants that will ultimately sit within.

Funnel planters are available in small, medium and large sizes with two format options - low or tall, within each size. Rather than being made to an exact size, the planters are thrown by hand using a measured weight of clay for each size. The sizing is judged during the making process by eye rather than exact measurements. This produces subtle size shifts across the range making each planter a truly unique object and giving clusters of planters an energy and life they might not otherwise have if they were each an identical size. The Funnel planter is available in six glaze options.

These planters have a central drainage hole to allow your plants to drain freely.

As these pots have been handmade sizes and pattern will vary slightly.

Pick up also available.

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